Frequently asked questions

How many people can we bring?

As many as we have room for... We can accommodate 50 people.

Are children allowed on the trips?

Only if the trip has been specified as a family trip.

Can we pay for our trip with a check?

In some cases a check made be taken if there has been a previous agreement.

How long are the day trips.

Our day trips are on the average of 10 to 13 hours

Can you accommodate wheelchairs?

Wheelchairs guest will need to notify us in advance to make sure we can accommodate.

What will the trip fee include?

Day trips will include round trip accommodations, snacks on board (both ways), a continental breakfast on most trips, information about the destination, in some cases... discounts at some attractions spots.

Can a group or organization book the entire motor coach?


Can we make a trip into a fund raiser?


How far do you travel?

Anywhere in Arizona and surrounding states: California, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Where do we meet for pick up and return?

If we are going on a day trip, we will meet at parking lot at 6111 S All American Way in Tempe. If the trip is for a specific group, we will arrange pick up at the location of the group request. A requested location by the group.